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YuGiOh Albaz Strike (1st Edition) Structure Deck

YuGiOh Albaz Strike (1st Edition) Structure Deck

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This Structure Deck is built around Fallen of Albaz’s powerful Fusion Summoning effect that lets him absorb enemy monsters into himself to transform and includes multiple new Fusion forms to further expand his power! You’ll also get new Tri-Brigade and Springan monsters who fought alongside Fallen of Albaz on his journey. Old favorites from Phantom Rage and Blazing Vortex also return to enter the fray!

Structure Deck: Albaz Strike has 5 total special Tokens that you can use as whatever type of Token you need. In addition, new art was made specially for these Tokens, which can let you dig further into the stories of Fallen of Albaz!

Albaz Strike deck contains a 40-card Main Deck as well as a 6-card Extra Deck and 5 special tokens:

  • 5 Ultra Rares
  • 3 Super Rares
  • 38 Commons
  • 5 Special Token Cards
  • 1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide

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