Can I collect an order?
Yes, we love meeting our local customers and helping them with their collecting needs.

Please contact us if you would like to collect an order from our residential address in Sheffield.

Can I pre-order 'item'?
We're not currently taking pre-orders online!

However, if you're a local customer then let us know which items you're interested in pre-ordering and we'll add you to a reservation list and sell you these items if we get enough stock.

When will you get 'item' in stock?
We're unable to provide information on if, or when, an item will be (re)stocked.

Do you sell Prerelease kits?
Generally no, we're an online store and usually only brick and mortar stores are authorized to purchase prerelease kits from distributors. However, on rare occasions we may stock some older prerelease kits.

Similarly, only brick and mortar stores receive Yu-Gi-Oh! Lost Art promotion cards, and Digimon Dash Packs.

Note that we do sell Pokemon Build & Battle Stadium boxes.

Do you buy bulk cards?
No, see our Sell Your Bulk page for more information.

Do you ship abroad?
Yes, please see our shipping policy page for more information.

Can you split/combine 'item'?
We only sell a lot of items as sets and won't split these.

However, if we have multiple variants of an item listed on our website, such as decks listed individually and as pairs, then usually we'll be able to split/combine these if you contact us so that we can adjust stock.

I'm getting an error when I press checkout, what should I do?
Please delete cookies on your browser and try again. Alternatively, try a different browser.

If you're still having issues, please contact us so that we can create you an order.

Can you send me a VAT invoice?
Yes, please contact us if you require a VAT invoice for your order and we'll email you a .pdf copy.