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Pokemon Back to School Eraser Blister Pair

Pokemon Back to School Eraser Blister Pair

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Get Ready for Your Next Project—with Pokémon Erasers!

Looking for the perfect eraser for a new project or a new class? You can choose a favorite Pokémon eraser—and add to your Pokémon TCG collection at the same time!

Back to school eraser blister pair:

  • 1 Pikachu
  • 1 Eevee

Inside each, you’ll find:

  • 1 of 2 favorite Pokémon erasers featuring Pikachu or Eevee!
  • 2 booster packs (1 Evolving Skies, 1 Astral Radiance)

*Which booster packs are in blister packs can vary depending on the print run but we try to record this correctly for our stock in the product descriptions. Booster pack artwork varies from blister pack to blister pack.

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