Price Match

Please contact us to ask for a price match. We tend to match or beat prices against online retailers who have the same product available.

If your price match request is approved, we will either send you an email with a link to pay the adjusted price or we will notify you that we have updated our website price.



You can ask for a price match before you order. We are not able to price match after an order is placed!

You will need to include a link to an identical product that you want us to price match.

The cost must include any delivery costs.

The product must be in stock and available for purchase when we verify the price. (This is normally within minutes, however this might be up to 48 hours after your email has been sent.)

If we, or the competitor, have placed a limit per customer on the product, then the lower limit will apply.

Price matching will apply to retail websites of companies based in the United Kingdom and does not include 3rd party seller websites such as eBay or Amazon.

The competitor must be shipping from the UK and have a valid VAT registration number. (This is normally displayed at the bottom of webpages for VAT registered companies.)

Price matching does not include offers the competitor may have e.g. a 10% off discount code or voucher.

We reserve the right to decline any price match, for any reason, at our discretion. This includes declining to price match against websites that we believe may not be legitimate or declining to price match against a product that we believe may have a pricing error.